Remote Working is Reshaping Entrepreneurship – Here’s How

Working remotely is no longer something that is strange or uncommon any longer, especially after the COVID19 pandemic, but was this just an interim solution to curbing the crisis, or has this become the new “norm”? We will delve further into this subject in this blog. 

Is this really something that could change the way that businesses are going to work going forward?

During the pandemic of course it made sense for everyone to work remotely from home, I think the surprise to everyone, was that it actually really worked and it worked well! I personally think that it had more of an effect in the work place than most business owners would ever imagine. The thing is, for corporates it makes sense to get staff members back to work as soon as possible, as the workforce in the corporate environment relies on its full-time staff to keep things running the way they are meant to. Many executives did feel slightly out of control having absolutely everyone working remotely and the stress that came with having to ensure that everyone was actually working and then needing to micro-manage those less than “motivated” staff members was tough… but there is a difference when it comes to small business owners and some important realisations that have been made since COVID19. What were they?

  1. Business owners realised that doing and managing everything on their own was not productive
  2. Having office space is costly and not necessarily a high priority cost and potentially a waste of money if everything can actually be managed online
  3. Having additional costs and stresses of hiring a full-time employee is also not necessary
  4. It is time to level-up in life and business to avoid ever having to be in a predicament again where your business profitability came under harm during the lockdown period
  5. Getting support in small businesses is vital to ensure that you can focus on crucial core functions of your business
  6. We already have all the technology to make remote work functional in small businesses
  7. Taking a small business online has become a subject that remains on many business owners minds
  8. Flexible working is not necessarily a bad thing if done right
  9. Working from home can be productive and more comfortable
  10. Communication is 100% possible with the help of comms programs such as Skype, and Teams

But how can you transform your business to a remote one?

Trust me, it is entirely possible, but with the right help and support. The word Virtual Assistant was not a big deal and honestly not something that most people were even aware of even a few years ago, but has become wildly popular of late and can actually change the scope of your business forever. When hiring the right Virtual Assistant, she can come into your business, not as an admin person only, but as a crucial strategic chess piece to actually evolve the way you have been working entirely, put crucial systems and processes into place and most importantly, take on all those tasks that have been getting you down and distracting you from everything that truly needs your urgent attention.

Yes, a Virtual Assistant is an extra cost that you may feel your business truly does not need right now, but if you apply your mind to the following principle, it makes perfect business sense: A Virtual Assistant is a remote contractor that has a fully-fledged business already set up completely at her own cost, she already has corporate Executive Assistance or High-Level Administrative experience, she already works for several clients and knows how to deal with small businesses and their owners. The biggest bonus of all … you only pay for the hours you require her services for. So whether that be 20, 40, 80, 120 hours per month, that is what you would pay her for and absolutely no other costs that are involved with the hire of a full-time employee. 

The cost of your time is money, so the price of hiring a Virtual Assistant to truly get your business out there is completely invaluable.

Sound like something that would be valuable to your business? Take a look at what tasks a Virtual Assistant can take from your plate here on my services page.