Why you Should Hire a VA with a Diverse Skillset

Granted, a Virtual Assistant is an absolute asset to your small business, that is for certain … but there is something else that is even more invaluable when looking at which Virtual Assistant to hire for your business needs, and that is a diverse skillset. What do I mean by this? Let’s take a further look in this blog.

Assistance vs Growth for Your Business

There is a distinct difference between getting general help for your business in the way of getting basic admin tasks taken care of, such as:

  • Typing
  • Proofreading
  • Online filing
  • Drafting of correspondence
  • Document management and
  • Basic administration

These are all great tasks for a Virtual Assistant to handle for you, because your focus should be much more pin pointed on needle-moving tasks for your business, so essentially you need someone on a hire level with an extensive skillset. Here’s why …

  • Your business needs to grow
  • Your business needs cashflow
  • Your business needs strategy
  • Your business needs client management
  • Your business needs marketing
  • Your business needs expansion in every aspect of it

But here’s the thing … none of the above will be possible, when you are spending unnecessary time in the back-end of your business trying to take care of administrative tasks, when honestly your talent set lies in much higher parts of your business. And this is exactly why you need a Virtual Assistant with a diversified skillset who can partner with you in your business, who can help you to achieve everything you need to achieve and be the success that you deserve to be

What are some of the tasks that a highly diversified Virtual Assistant can take care of for you?

  • Booking of travel arrangements
  • Assisting you with your daily to-do prioritisation list
  • Financial administration tasks
  • Legal administrative tasks
  • Processes
  • Systems
  • Client management
  • Managing your entire calendar, assisting you with the setting up of all your meetings, meeting correspondence and action points from these meetings
  • Managing your email inbox, responding to emails on your behalf and alerting you to urgent emails
  • Assisting you with invoicing and financial administration is crucial to your business, but most certainly not something that you have time for 
  • Assisting you to onboard and manage a remote team
  • Creating processes for every step of your business
  • Setting up templates that can be used to keep your business organised and on track
  • Setting up of systems 

Other benefits of utilising a high-level Virtual Assistant

If that is not convincing enough, here are even more benefits of hiring the right Virtual Assistant for your business:

  • Get back the time you have been expending in the back-end of your business. Money can never buy time, but time can definitely produce more money
  • Have more breathing space to tick items off your task list
  • Spend your money on an investment that will actually make you more money.

Sound good? 

If you feel like you may be ready to hire a Virtual Assistant and want more information about getting started with outsourcing your admin to an expert, feel free to book a free virtual coffee chat here.