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My name is Cheryl Williams and I am so grateful to have you visit my page. I have 5 years administrative experience in Government – Department of Health, 14 years corporate experience – 9 years of which were in the legal field. 2 years as an assistant for an offshore investment company in London. Wife and Mom of a 7 year old girl and I also have 3 fur-babies. I am very passionate and proud about my work. I always give more than what is expected of me. I  learn and master whatever i’m not familiar with, I am always there to help others, which is how my Virtual Assistant business was born.

To shortly sum up my work ethic: I ensure that every client I serve in my capacity as Business Owner and Virtual Assistant will always receive top quality work and results from my services. Your business is just as crucial to me as to you.

In these unpredictable times, many business owners have had to turn to remote working and outsourcing to save on costs. After some time, they have realised that this way of working is not only productive, but exceptionally healthy for their business budget. A Virtual Assistant is truly an investment that you cannot do without in your business venture and I cannot wait to hear about your business story.

If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. ~ Tony Robbins


My mission is to join you on your business journey and utilise my skills to assist you by taking on tasks that are stealing precious time that you could be spending on the success of your business.


My vision is to provide value in terms of assisting you with the return on investment being the addition of more time to your day. More time in your business will ensure more profitability, which will in turn result in growth.


My promise to you is the highest possible level of quality work and output on all tasks I take on for you in your business. There will never be a need to keep an eye on what I do for you, as you are always assured of my dedication.




Cheryl Williams VA

Centurion, South Africa
+27 (0)67 383 5784

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