How it Works

Signing up for my services is not difficult or time-consuming. Simply start by following the 3 steps detailed below.

Step One

It is crucial to my process that you and I first have a virtual coffee chat to talk through your business, your business needs, the tasks you require assistance with and to see if my solutions fit those needs. Please click on the book call button at the bottom of this page so we can chat.

Step Two

Once a call has been held and we decide that we will definitely move forward with working together, I will send you the relevant Virtual Assistant contract, a Non-Disclosure agreement that I will sign for your peace of mind, as well as my invoice for the month ahead.

Step Three

The first meeting I will arrange with you will be a training session between you and I. By providing your time for this training call, we will be saving crucial amounts of hours that may otherwise crop up in the future and will ensure less questions and confusion.


How do I know if you have enough hours to help me?

My business is run extremely well and organised. Therefore, I will only take on as many clients as I am able, to ensure that I always provide a dedicated service to my retainer clients.

How is a Virtual Assistant cheaper than a PA?

When you consider all the costs that are involved with hiring and paying a salaried employee that is based in your office, hiring a Virtual Assistant that you only pay for her time and hours and nothing else, that actually makes a Virtual Assistant seem like an excellent investment.

What tools and systems do we use to work together?

I already have established plug and play systems and tools that are ready to go and use in your business. We will discover on our first training call should you have any systems of your own that you already use and adapt our systems going forward.

Do you work on public holidays and weekends?

Please note that I do not work on any of the South African public holidays or over weekends. 

What happens if I don’t use hours I signed up for?

Please note that my clients are responsible to use the hours they have paid for to completion by the end of each month, as unused hours will not be transferred over into the new month. 

If I need you to come to my office, can you?

Please note that as a Virtual Assistant, I only work remotely, due to the fact that I have several clients. Therefore, I conduct all my calls, meetings and tasks online.

Can I secure your services for specific hours in the day?

Due to the nature of my work, I cannot commit to clients for specific times of day. The turnaround for all tasks need to be 24-hour turnaround time to ensure that I can complete all client work in time. 

Are your services long-term or short-term?

The first month is the perfect time to try out my services and make sure that you are happy to progress long-term. Once we have established that we are happy to continue work together going forward, we can look at discussing long-term retainers or higher-hour packages.

What if I am not sure how to use a VA?

My best advice if you feel uncertain about whether or not to hire a Virtual Assistant or if you are not sure how it all works, would be to set up a free virtual coffee chat with me here. I will be happy to answer all the questions you may have. 

What if need services that I don’t see on your list?

I am always happy to help where I can and should you be interested in getting assistance with a service that you do not see on my service list, feel free to drop me an email: so we can discuss if it may be something I could possibly assist you with.

If you are ready to turn it up in your business …

Book a free virtual coffee chat with me here





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